Well I am Bisht , Ritesh Bisht hailing from the beautiful hill station of India , Nainital 

I have spent a lot of time around that beautiful lake :) , having a Cup of tea/coffee in my hands and walking along the lake is still one of my favorite activities whenever I am back there.

I work in Bangalore now and passionate about Data Science. I use Tableau as my Data Visualisation tool in the journey of Data Science and I am loving it. After getting Certification both in Tableau and Data Science I created this website to explore more into the world of Data Science and meet people like you, sharing my experiences with others and learning from your experiences as well 

With so many good Tableau public material already available I know I need to be different and original.I  have the power of Innovation and I like to bring that to my blogs and videos. As you can't live without SIM(mobile) even I can't, but for me, the SIM is Simplification, Imagination/Innovation, Modification and you might notice the same. I have created Tableau Nation of Imagination keeping the SIM in mind.

For example Why Rahul Dravid is missing from a Cricinfo report?  OR How can we compare Indian States partition with Tableau partitions? I believe it is easier to make concepts easier if we break it down with a simple story :)  Find more  >>

Apart from this, I am an active member of Tableau Forum where I get the opportunity to know Tableau querries & users around the globe, it is very satisfying to see members appreciating your answers/ help.

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Too much technical huhh ?? Okay Okay ! Then what else apart from Data Analytics.

Well, I am an expert in Beta Analytics  as well or say     Analytics with Master Reyansh Bisht the little Heartthrob.I try to teach him dance but my           Analytics tells me that he is least bothered , but then I tried :)

So, I am Dancing with Data  (and         )

I hope to carry my journey on, I am trying to make my journey beautiful and who cares about the destination :), A beautiful journey is more important than the destination 


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