Five  Points to keep in Mind -during TABLEAU Desktop                                                                     Qualification  exam ?

1) Yayyyyyy !!! Yes you can make use of GOOGLE  

That does not mean that you can cheat ,also most of the questions will be hands on but still you can make lot of difference .(Specially 1 mark questions).

2) You will have more than one sheet to analyse .(Superstore is not the only Core :))

So be ready for data source another than our favourite Superstore excel.

Do some exercise on World Indicators as well to have hands on experience so that you feel familiar while giving examination.
Not only that you might get .twbx sheet directly , means direct access to workbook with data source embedded in it.

3) Don’t get Lost with the same Sheet and Filters/Joins

Suppose your first question needed a join between two tables Order & Return.
And, you get next question based on same excel Superstore .

It is better to go with new datasource even if it is the same Superstore.
Because  you might filter data based upon your questions hence do not take any chance by using same data source for different questions.

4) Don’t waste your time on a Single question.

Yes you might feel you can nail it and spend more time on a question for which you answer won’t match with any of the options present.
Remember to Flag it (option is present) so that you can analyse it later. your paragraph here.

5) Take screenshot for any doubts

Proctors present during the exam are not TABLEAU Software Employees.

In rare case of data source not being present or missed , don't forget to take screenshot so that you can present your case later and earn points if you deserve.



Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate