You will create different types of visualization as can be seen below 

You can download below workbook and practice along

    Tableau Training for beginners by Ritesh 

    Module 1(Connecting to DS)


Module 3( dealing with data Tableau)

Module 4b (Date functions with Tableau)

Module 2(Creating basic graphs with Tableau)

Module 5 (Preparing for Tableau. Desktop Certifications )

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How to sort with Tableau?

Nested sorting

Sorting with respect to a field

Module 4c (Sorting with Tableau)

You will learn about Connections & basic difference between Desktop specialist and Desktop qualified certifications

Module 4a (Sorting with Tableau)

Tableau official sample questions explained in detail

Tips and Tricks during examination hour

Download workbooks with step by step solution (below)

How to Join,Union and Blend?

When to blend and when to join?

Troubleshooting with Joins?

Download the below workbook and practice alongwith me


Learn about Date functions

This year and last year only


Last day of the month

Using LOD with dates

More about calculations

Set, Combined Set

Creating Top 5 with Set and Rank both, which should be used in real time?