Frequently Asked Questions on TABLEAU Certifications
Tableau Certification

1. How much did the entire ordeal cost? $250
Exam Format
Time Limit:
Passing Score: Content Version: Number of Questions: Question Format: Language(s) Offered: Delivery Platform:
Two hours (Please plan for extra time for online exam setup)
16 knowledge-based (1 point each) and 18 hands-on (3 points each) Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, matching
Many questions require hands-on work in Desktop to determine the correct answer. Access to the Desktop 9.0 application [con guration speci c to language of exam] will be provided during the exam.

2. How to get the necessary material(if any)? The pdf provided by TABLEAU is the best way to cover the topics.
http://mkt.tableau.com/files/Desktop-9-QA-Prep-Guide.pdf  &


Unfortunately now they have stopped to present under pdf , hence make full use of TABLEAU 9 pdf and search for additional topics of TABLEAU 10 @Online tableau help. Still it will help you a lot.This is not only topics but link to various Videos & Knowledge Base coming from TABLEAU website itself .If you want to deep-dive , then there are Online trainings . I recommend from TABLEAU only (otherwise there are many) , they can provide you some material as well . Training is fully Hands On.But if you ask me , if we can try for certification without TABLEAU formal training , I would say "Yes" ,but you have cover everything from this pdf link to Videos & KB.

3. What is the process?
do we required to have practical experience(live working experience on Tableau) to take the certification exam

Definitely you need some experience ,9 months to 1 year should be good.

4 Which topics have more weight-age ?
Cover all the topics , but be very good with Calculations & Stats because it can be time consuming if you are not good at that. Yes both have v good weightage as well. But questions will come from all the corner.We definitely require working experience .Do not try without that. Experience of 1 year is good to have .

5. LOD and Table calculation how tough are question from these sections
Don't expect highly complex LOD questions but you should be clear with the LOD concept. That will help.(You can see one question in free mock test, read on....)

6. I have followed all the Tableau learning video tutorial from Tableau and have worked on creating same visualizations, will this be enough or I need to follow some other resources.
As fas as you cover everything from topics.

it should be good enough with Lot of Hands On Videos.If you think you are not strong in any particular topic . Go ahead and watch Youtube videos as well, there are many.

7. And also let me know what was your preparation strategy and how long did you prepare for certification.
a) Cover Everything 
http://mkt.tableau.com/files/Desktop-10-QA-Exam-Prep-Guide.pdf , each mark count and each $ count as well (250),
you never know if you miss by 1 mark.
b) Don't think that you know 80% and you can pass, remember that you need to score 76% which is a high score hence be safe and cover 100% topics.

c) RARE & VVV IMP Take TABLEAU Mock-test created by Qualified Associate , here is the LINK

c) During the exam if you stuck in one quest , just leave it and bookmark it , leave it for the end.
d) Use good network , I would even suggest office network ,Exam is totally Online from your laptop/macbook.
e)1 mark question would be knowledge base & 3 marks questions will be hands on.
f)16 knowledge-based (1 point each) and 18 hands-on (3 points each) Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, matching
g) So if you know all the topics , 1 point each questions will take no time and you get lot of time for remaining questions.
8. And if possible kindly share some sample questions from the test.

You can find sample questions & answers at the end , yes questions are pretty much like that.
9. Really important points

10. Keep tuned to our website www.tableauinfo.com for regular updates /videos /blogs.

TABLEAU Desktop Qualified Associate